Interview with Outages

Evaluate and hire DevOps candidates with confidence

Opterview's interviewing challenges saved me a ton of time interviewing and vetting SRE candidates. I didn't have to establish a separate vetting process and was able to quickly identify the best person for the job and hire them.

Christopher MacGown, VP of Engineering

The Opterview Interview Platform

Structured Challenges

Confirm your candidate's technical skillsets with prebuilt interview challenges based on common software outages.

In The Browser

Watch with your candidates work in real time in a zero setup web based shared terminal.

Automatic screen capture

Don't rely on your memory to review a candidate's performance. A video recording of the terminal session is available after every interview.

Full Linux Systems

Each interview is backed by an ephemeral Linux server created just for your session.

Root Access

Candidates can install software packages, read man pages, or perform diagnosis using adminstrative tools like strace or tcpdump.

All you need is a link

Getting your candidate started is as simple as giving them the interview session's secret url.


New accounts receive a two week unlimited trial. Contact us to setup a custom plan or support package that best meets your needs.

All plans billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime. Discounts are available with an annual commitment.

Ala Carte

Pay only for what you use

$0 per month
  • $25 / interview
  • Community Support
  • ATS Integrations
  • SAML/Single Sign On

Start Up

Hire your first SRE

$100 per month
  • 10 interviews / month
    ($20 / interview after)
  • Email Support
  • ATS Integrations
  • SAML/Single Sign On


Scale your hiring process

$300 per month
  • 50 interviews / month
    ($15 / interview after)
  • Expedited Email Support
  • ATS Integrations
  • SAML/Single Sign On


Customize to meet your needs

  • Custom interviews / month

  • Priority Support
  • ATS Integrations
  • SAML/Single Sign On

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